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Davide Cantoni’s artistic practice has over the years has focused on the way our society presents images and how they are consumed.
Cantoni’s particular interest is in relation to news imagery published in the New York Times (DC has lived and worked in NYC for the last 20 years).
Using photography as a basis for both the burned drawings and interference paintings, the artist creates works that while mimicking photography in their form, are also firmly rooted in the traditions of fine art. Drawings are made by sensitizing paper with pencil, and then exposing it to sun light through a lens, and the paintings reveal themselves as both positive and negative images depending on where they are viewed from as a byproduct of the reflective qualities of the paints used.
Cantoni has also worked in video and sculpture and has made a large drawing installation “111 Years” which comprises a total of 111 burned drawings mapping every war taking place on the planet year by year from 1900 to 2010.
In his most recent works Cantoni is recreating parts of printed news images as paintings using what is normally considered the digital color system RGB (Red, Green, Blue) making a foray into the inevitable shift of information form the analogue world into the digital.
Born in Italy, Cantoni completed his BA Fine Art at the Slade school in London where he was awarded a Boise travel scholarship in 1988 for an exchange year at the Hochschule Der Kunst in Berlin. Attended the Royal College of Art and received an MA (RCA) in Painting in 1993. His work has been shown extensively in Europe and the USA as well as South Korea, and is included in many public and private collections, MOMA and OSRAM collections amongst others.


1991 – 1993

Royal College of Art, London (MA)

1985 – 1989

Slade School, U.C.L. London (BA)


Exchange, H.D.K. Berlin



Of Men and Giants : The dreams of History of Elisabetta Farnese
Davide Cantoni’s Burned Drawings in Dialogue with the Farnese Collection Curated By Memmo Grilli

Museo Archeologico Nazionale  Napoli


Blindarte Contemporanea, Milano, Italy


H Gallery, Paris, France


“Les Etrangers” Blindarte Contemporanea, Napoli, Italy


Blindarte Contemporanea, Napoli, Italy


Blindarte Contemporanea, Napoli, Italy
Daneyal Mahmood Gallery, New York


Osram Galerie, curated by Dr. Christian Schoen
Munich, Germany (Catalogue)


Blindarte Contemporanea, Napoli, Italy
Galleria Guido Carbone, Turin, Italy (Catalogue)


Dina4Projekte, Munich, Germany


Galleria Oddi Baglioni, Rome, Italy
Galleria Guido Carbone, Turin, Italy


Grossetti Arte Contemporanea, Milan, Italy


Grossetti Arte Contemporanea, Milan, Italy


GAGA, New York City


Galleria Milleventi, Turin, Italy


Galleria Guido Carbone, Turin, Italy

Selected Group Exhibitions


“Intriguing Uncertainties” Parkview Museum Beijing curated By Lòrànd Hegyi.


“?War is over ARTE E CONFLITTI tra mito e contemporaneità

MAR-Museo d’Arte della città di Ravenna curated by Angela Tecce e Maurizio Tarantino.

“Intriguing Uncertainties” Parkview Museum Singapore curated By Lòrànd Hegyi.


“The Artist’s Voice” curated by Lòrànd Hegyi, Parkview Museum, Singapore

“The Roaming Eye” curated by Katleen Kucka and Jennifer Riley, The Shirley Fiterman Art Center, NY

“Seaman’s House” Curated by Helen Allen, Chelsea NY

“Natura Plastica” a cura di Memmo Grilli, Blindarte Contemporanea, Milano

Cathouse FUNeral “Leaving Home” Cathouse Funeral Migrates North, Beacon NY


Cathouse FUNeral Harvested: The Hunt Intensifies
at Coustof Waxman Annex NY NY

“post-fact” Curated by Micheal Wilson
Zelda Annex Brooklyn NY


“I am a Lie and I am Gold” curated by Marco Breuer
Yossi Milo gallery NY

“PHLOGISTON” International multimedia exhibition
Curated by Kóan Jeff Baysa & Branko Franceschi
Galerija umjetnina / Museum of Fine Arts
Split, Croatia

“Self” Curated by F.Fossati & M.Pellegrin
National Academy Museum NY USA

The Human Condition curated by Diana Jensen
Wesbeth gallery NY USA


Jeunes créateurs à New York Curated by Lòrànd Hegyi
Musée d’Art Moderne de Saint-Étienne Métropole, France


Le Ragioni della Pittura. Esiti e Prospettive di un Medium
Curated by Laura Cherubini & Eugenio Viola,

Fondazione Malvina Menegaz Castelbasso, Italy

Works on Paper Davidson Contemporary NY


Fire Works Hunterdon Art Museum NJ


Burning Desire Micheal Mazzeo Gallery NY

Fire Works Hunterdon Art Museum NJ

Where There’s Smoke Hampden Gallery, University of Massachusetts Amherst.MA

FRAGILE Terres d’Empathie Curated by Lòrànd Hegyi (catalogue)
Daejeon Museum of Art. South Korea

Facebook Patrick Heide Contemporary London UK


Drawings McKenzie Fine Art, New York

Paradies Neue Blicke auf einen alten Traum curated by Alexander Heisig
Diozesanmuseum Freising Germany (Catalogue)

FRAGILE – Terres d’Empathie curated by Lòrànd Hegyi
Musée d’Art Moderne de Saint-Étienne Métropole, France

FaceBook between Empathy and Abstracion
The Drawing Lab, Berlin/Munich/Dresden, Germany

Italian Works on Paper curated by Filippo Fossati & Maurizio Pellegrin
Macy Art Gallery Columbia University

I Can Watch My Thoughts Evolving
The Drawing Lab, Berlin, Germany


Poznan Biennale – Voyage Sentimental curated by Lorand Hegyi
Poznan, Poland

Papier Raum
Galerie Thomas, Munich, Germany

Plane Space NYC

Questo mondo e’ fantastico – Vent’anni con Guido Carbone
Sale Storiche di Palazzo Bricherasio, Torino (Catalogue/Book)


48th October Salon curated by Lorand Hegyi
Belgrade Cultural Center, Belgrade, Serbia (Catalogue)

Ecce Omo. Percorsi e poetiche oltre l’identita’ di genere curated by Eugenio Viola
Palazzo della Regione, Milano

Arte Povera: Now and Then Perspectives for a New Guerrilla Art
Esso Gallery, New York

Random Selections IV curated by Marc Dennis
George Waters Gallery, Elmira College, New York


Giardino, luoghi della piccola realtà curated by Lorand Hegyi
Palazzo delle Arti, Napoli (Catalogue)

Cabinet des dessins n.2 curated by Lòrànd Hegyi
Musée d’Art Moderne de Saint-Étienne Métropole, France

Best of The Lab curated by Matthew Semmler
Yellowbird Gallery, Newburgh, New York


Napoli Presente curated by Lorand Hegyi
Palazzo delle Arti, Napoli (Catalogue)

Nimbi & Penumbrae
DUMBO Arts Center, Brooklyn, New York

Esso Gallery and Lombard – Freid Fine Arts, New York

Wasteland: 21st Century Landscape
Roebling Hall, New York

Auf Papier
Kunstverein Jena und Optisches Museum, Jena, Germany

Micro Universe curated by Hélianthe Bourdeaux-Maurin
The Lab Gallery, New York

Minimalist Art Now curated by Joseph Cunningham
Elvehjem Museum of Art, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Spuren und Zeichen Spurensuche
Versicherungskammer Bayern, Munich, Germany

Carta Canta: works on paper from the XX century
Annunciata Grossetti Arte Contemporanea Milano / Barbara Behan Contemporary Art London

Plane Space, New York

Fresh Paint curated by Kóan Jeff Baysa
Cheryl Pelavin Fine Arts, New York

L’Arte In Testa /storia un’ossesione da Picasso oltre il 2000 curated by Luca Beatrice
Museo Arte Contemporanea, Isernia, Italy (Catalogue)

Linie 5 positionen in der zeitgenossischen ziechnung
Dina4Projekte Munich, Germany

Gesellschaftsbilder / Images of Society curated by Madeleine Schuppli
Kunstmuseum Thun, Switzerland (Catalogue)

McKenzie Fine Art Inc. New York


exIT: Nuove geografie della creativitá Italiana curated by Francesco Bonami
Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Turin, Italy (Catalogue)

Microwave Three Josee Bienvenu
123 Watts Gallery, New York (Catalogue)


Brief Encounter
Nicholas Profit, Paris


While You Were Out
Fellows Invitational Exhibition, Hudson D.Walker Gallery, Providence, Rhode Island


The Processed Image
450 Broadway Gallery, New York

An American Passion: The Collection of Bob & Susan Summer
McLellan Galleries – Glasgow Museums, Glasgow, UK (Catalogue)


John Moores 18 Liverpool Exhibition
Walker Arts Centre, Liverpool, UK (Catalogue)


East-South Open
Canterbury, UK (Catalogue)


Recent Work
Diorama Gallery, London, UK


Installation For Negative Image at Royal Academy
(Part of “The Art Of Photography” Exhibition)
Royal Academy of Art, London, UK


Amnesty International Grupo Espana 6
Palau Solleric, Palma, Spain (Catalogue)


MOMA New York
OSRAM Munich, Kasen Summer Collection,
MACI (Museo Arte Contemporanea Isernia)