SOL was made by taking a film of one of the Sun’s rotations, dividing it into single frames, drawing each one, then burning each drawing using sunlight through a magnifying glass. these were then photographed and reassembled into the original sequence and back into a film. The Sun’s regions near its equator rotate once every 25 days. The Sun’s rotation rate decreases with increasing latitude so that its rotation rate is slowest near its poles. At the poles the Sun rotates once every 36 days. SOL displays a rotation in 30 seconds. SOL is an edition of 7 , with one AP Each edition is made of three DVDs (HD,PAL,NTSC)
FLAG MMX,video dur: 1:11 blueray,PAL,NTSCEdition of 7 with one a.p.
Flag, Etching (Burned) 25x 35 cm edition of 12 with one a.p. (2009)
Flag, Etchings (Burned) view of 4 edition of 12 with one a.p. (2009)
Biglia, Glicee Print on 300mg arches 80 x 120 cm edition of 20 one a.p. (2012)